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Back in the summer time, ah remember that ? before all the snow, we went to Chiarella's in East Passayunk. We were walking up Passayunk looking for a relatively inexpensive meal without too long of a wait and we ended up here. We had to wait about 25minutes but they were very nice about it and we ended up going to the Cantina for drinks (yum! love margaritas). When we came back for the final 5/10minute wait we were reading the stuff on the walls and found out Chiarella's had been on Kitchen Nightmares, so we were a bit nervous about going (and then my Fiance's parents remembered seeing the episode).  We sat down they seemed pretty hectic inside, but finally came over to take our order. It was actually the owner that took our order and his wife who sat us. We did each get a complimentary glass of wine which was kind of nice because we weren't prepared with our own. I had lasagna bolognese, I think his mom had chicken Parmesan, David had shrimp alfredo over linguini, and his stepdad had some sort of dish with mussels. As you can see our portions were insanely large, I took two pictures of my lasagna to show how big of a dent I made in my meal, that thing fed me for like 2 more days ! Taste: was ok, my lasagna was good but not a proper bolognese, the pasta was not homemade, and if i remember correctly the ragu wasn't really up to my standards, didn't have enough flavor. BUT for the price we paid and the amount of food we got I guess it was a pretty good deal, if you are a picky Italian eater like me I would not recommend going here, but if you are just looking for something kind of mediocre and inexpensive this is the place for you.