Cheesy Squares











These little guys are widely acclaimed in my house. When you find out cheesy squares are being made you immediately start salivating and crowd the kitchen to wait for their portage from the oven. The recipe is from Kitchen Kathy at Camp Nawakwa and I would put the calorie count around 1 million for 8 pieces, but let me tell you a little secret it's worth it. In the words of Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation TREAT YO'SELF!

Cheesy Squares

1/2 package of Very Thin Pepperidge Farm White Bread

2 beaten eggs

1.5 sticks of butter

3 Cups pecorino romano cheese, grated thin

Step One: Preheat the oven to 400*F and cover a baking sheet in parchment paper

Step Two: Melt the butter in one bowl, beat the eggs in another bowl.

Step Three: Dip one slice of bread in butter coating both sides, place on parchment paper.

Step Four: Dip a second slice of bread in egg coating both sides, place on top of butter coated slice

Step Five: Dip a third piece of bread in butter coating both sides, place on top of egg coated slice.

Step Six: Cut your stack of bread into nine smaller squares then roll them in cheese. Make sure to coat all sides. Place the squares about 1/2 inch apart on the pan.

Step Seven: Bake for 7 minutes, pull them out and flip each square, continue to bake for another 7 minutes. Let them cool because once you get your first bite you won't stop.

*Note in the pictures shown we used a Silpat as well as parchment and dipped them in cheese before cutting.*