Burger at Bank and Bourbon

  I went to Bank and Bourbon with a co-worker for lunch and I was pretty excited to try it out. I ordered the burger mid rare, but it came medium to medium well which was my first disappointment because I like my burgers much rarer. It was dry aged beef, but tasted just plain dry and the bun was too crumbly for my liking. 

In my mind the necessities for a good burger are juicy, tender meat, a bun that is sturdy enough that it doesn't fall apart with the burger juices but not so sturdy that you have trouble biting into it or the burger wants to slide out, cheese not of the American variety ( as a rule I try to stay away from American cheese because it is so processed but the. Again I like easy mac so who am I to judge). 

The saving grace was the green herb sauce, cheddar and poblano pepper, they helped make it more interesting and *least favorite word* moist. Fries were good! I think I'd like to go back for cocktails but probably not food.