Bridal Shower Cake

                  Photos by Olivia Kimmel

One of my closest and dearest friends is getting married this summer and I'm in the bridal party.  Her family asked me to bake the cake for the bridal shower so I said of course and decided to make this Pink Lady Cake I saw on Smitten Kitchen.  The first time I made it I didn't use the mixer for the final blending of the ingredients and thus didn't blend them well enough. There was a lump in one of the pans which created a divot and one of the others didn't cook all the way through.  I made it again and it all went smoothly. I iced it pretty much just like she did and it made a beautiful 3 tiered cake and was my first time piping icing ! The cake is a very sweet though delicious.  My friend was cutting the cake and the stand wobbled a little so of course the cake flipped but luckily into the cookie tray. Her soon to be husband helped her flip it back over and it didn't look half bad :)