Anniversary Dinner

For David and I's THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, i know crazy right? We met in Lancaster (he's in Harrisburg im in Philly) and went to a place he picked out called Gibralter. They had a lot of seafood and we started with crab filled tortellini, the pasta itself was delicious as was the filling but I felt like it actually would have been better without the crab or maybe lobster instead for a more subtle taste. I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc which was disgustingly grapefruit-y, yuck I could barely finish it, I should have gone for the Acrobat Pinot Gris which I know is delicious but I can get the bottle for less than the price of the glass and they had NO BEER, craziness because we really could have gone for a nice Hefeweizen. anyways I had the crab cakes with two sauces and tartar on top, the crab cakes were nice and light and the inside had little bits of pepper which was really nice, I've never had them like that before. The mashed potatoes were kind of dry but I was focusing on the crab cakes. David had lobster fettucine which was really yummy and had a ton of lobster in it, it was pretty expensive but both of us had leftovers !