My boyfriend and I went to Amis, one of Vetri's restaurants, for his graduation. Let me say this it was delicious ! David had the Brooklyn Maple Porter which I thought was way too sweet but David liked it. On a friend's recommendation we started with the veal tongues and swordfish meatballs YUM ! The veal tongue was tender and sweet, but I couldn't really get over the idea that it was a tongue so I ate as much as I could and then gave it to David. The swordfish meatballs were delicious and very cheesey. For my entree I had the pappardelle with duck ragu, which was soft and delicious. He had skate with a lemon sauce (super tender melt in your mouth yummy and definitely my favorite thing, much better than the last time I had skate) and these absolutely excellent fried brussels sprouts, so crispy and complimentary toward the fish. The atmosphere was pretty cool with an open kitchen & nice and competent servers but I hated the paper menus and lack of structure when we got our check. Probably my only complaints, so definitely worth going back to.  Then we finished up with some gelato from Yogorino.