Adam's Weekend

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When at Home 231 we ran into a family friend who recommended Alvaro, a bread and pastry shoppe that does homemade Italian dishes (and homemade pasta) as well. It is family run, a brother and sister with the mother cooking in the back, they have 3 outdoor tables and a few inside and is BYOB! The menu selections were few but all of the choices were good. I would recommend trying to get there earlier, because as the night goes on things are quickly 86ed off the menu. I had the lasagna which was delicious, just your basic lasagna with meat spinach and delicious homemade sauce. David and our friend Adam had the ravioli with stuffed meatballs. OH THOSE MEATBALLS, they were sooo good, apparently all beef but just so tender and delicious and gianormous.  The ravioli was also very good, we finished off the meal with some homemade gelato. I think next time I would try one of the pastries, the gelato was a little icy but they gave us generous portions.  I would definitely go here again and recommend it to anyone looking for a BYO in Harrisburg, oh yeah and did I mention the price, SO inexpensive, great date night !


^for 3 people's dinner and dessert ^