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Agave is my in laws favorite restaurant, possibly ever but definitely in Lewes, DE. We always vacation there and found it a few years ago and have been obsessed ever since. My father in law and his father in law went down on black Friday last year to get buy one get one gift cards and waited in line in the cold, Merry Christmas us. We needed to use the rest of the gift cards so we went down during the last nice weekend in October for a daytrip.

They don't really ever change the menu so we know our way around it. We started with a large margarita; they make theirs with El Jimador and homemade sour, yum! For food we started with the pine nut and goat cheese guacamole (always made with ripe avocados) which set us up to have leftovers from our entree. This particular guac is probably my favorite version with the add ins but I still prefer the original. I ordered the best item on the menu the filet mignon and blue cheese quesadilla. We tried to recreate it and created something delicious but didn't replicate it accurately. There is just enough blue cheese;you get the sweetness from the caramelized onions and the fat from the meat. Dipped in the chipotle mayo it is a perfect mouthful of sweet, salty, pungent and crunch. David had the chicken enchilada which was good but didn't have anything special going on other than it provided leftovers. We will be back.