Le Virtu and A birthday






20131109-232557.jpg For David's birthday I decided to take him to Le Virtu, one of my accounts. We started with the burrata ( mozzarella filled with the curd and cream) and charred scallions which was amazing. It was so luscious and creamy, the scallions really paired well, and it was served over some good quality olive oil which of course lent a hand to overall deliciousness. Our server and co-owner was very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to food descriptions, really painting a picture for us and making everything sound amazing. I had the Taccozzelle ala'aquilana (what a mouthful) which was big sheets of delicious perfectly cooked homemade pasta with abruzzese sausage and a rich sauce bolstered with porcini mushrooms, black truffle, and saffron. It was so rich and delicious and they cheesed it up just like a real Italian would. David had the maccheroni alla chitarra con ragu d'agnello which was a lot like linguini with a lamb shoulder ragu. It was a typical Italian dish, the ragu had a nice tomato base and although the pieces of lamb were pretty small they still help provide a rich flavorful sauce ( also cheesed up quite nicely). We each had a glass of wine from the abruzzo region which paired well with our dishes, not your typically dry Italian wine, his was mostly montepulciano, nice and mellow and mine I'm not sure but definitely more bold, drier, with a lot of stewed fruit flavors. We finished the night at the restaurant with. Glass of meletti cioccolato ( AMAZING, thick like whole milk chocolate milk although not quite as sweet and not a store liquor taste, if you can find this buy it !) and a glass of some sort of brandy soaked cherry fortified merlot which was a bit reminiscent of a port/dessert wine. Both were perfect after dinner drinks ! Great dinner, I will definitely have to bring my parents to foot the bill next time they come to Philly.

We went home and ate the cake I made him, a three tiered chocolate cake with a salted caramel buttercream covered in a chocolate fudge icing. It was really good once the buttercream completely came to room temperature, we were ale to taste the salted caramel, it was delicious but very rich. I think I still like this cake better but this one wasn't bad and it was a six inches which are my favorite ! Happy 23 David !