Salads Make a Comeback

This post is for Dave Moxon ! So if you know me you know I am not a salad person because I have a tiny stomach...if I eat a salad I fill up and can't eat much else, then I am hungry about an hour later (waste of space !) BUT lately I have been eating more salad. Who knows why, I must just be lacking in greens in my diet at the moment (my mother would be horrified because she fed us raw veggie every night growing up). Anyways, the picture below is a salad David and I made last Sunday. Fresh spinach, red and orange cherry tomatoes, chopped pecans, and baked goat cheese medallions rolled in breadcrumbs, with balsamic vinaigrette drizzled over it. It was super delicious and refreshing the only thing that would have made it better would have been a garlic and herb goat cheese.


This next salad was one I had at one of my accounts In Riva in East Falls, Philadelphia. It was a Burrata Caprese with arugula, baby tomatoes and oil cured olive (beautiful presentation). If you haven't tried burrata please do its amazing! Burrata is basically mozzerella with the curd inside, I know curd is a gross word, but trust me its creamy and spectacular. This burrata was a lacking a little in structure so I would have liked more arugula to fill the salad out. The olives had some nice heat to them and balanced out the cheese quite nicely. The baguette crisps were extra crispy and also added nice balance. I make each mouthful ontop of a crisp with a bit of olive, cheese, arugula, and half of a tomato. All in all perfect for lunch ! Great place for pizza too.