Baby cake (not made of babies)

yes my roommate has a Hello Kitty mixer 

my semi bald cake ):

So I decided I wanted to try out swiss buttercream as well as practice roses for a cake I'm making this weekend for a friend's birthday. I didn't really have many ingredients in the house and it was already about 9:30pm so I used this vegan chocolate cake recipe (next time I think I'd use a stout cake). It turned out sort of bland but because it was not the usual rich chocolate it was easy to eat a lot of it (had to cut the top off of one of the cakes so I could stack em. I used a little 4" spring form pan and the batter filled it twice with leftover. For the icing I made the swiss buttercream from smitten kitchen, Deb's wedding cake project. The first time I made it I used the KitchenAid and the eggs didn't get all meringue-y so I started over and used a hand mixer which worked much much better, then I made my little roses, as you can see there wasn't quite enough icing but I really liked how it came out, I need a bigger star tip and more icing next time. Swiss buttercream might be my new favorite icing though, its so light and not too sweet ! yum (: