TWD: DC: Chocolate Raspberry Thumbprints

I'm back! Sort of anyway...I've been busy writing up new recipes and trying to find time to test them out but I want to get back on the TWD horse at least a few times a month. I chose to do the chocolate raspberry thumbprints because I love traditional thumbprints and was curious how the chocolate version would taste. I also already had homemade raspberry jam on hand because I made my friend raspberry macarons the week before and decided to try out a quick freezer jam (like they always make on the Great British Bakeoff). I opted to put the chocolate drizzle on top using Ghirardelli bittersweet chips. 

I thought the cookies were absolutely delicious and quick to make so I will definitely be adding them to the rotation. They were a little dry in the way that a shortbread is so not in a bad way ... kind of crumbly but then they melt in your mouth. I recommend serving them with a glass of milk (chocolate milk for me since I don't love plain milk).