The Porterhouse

When David and I got back from Spain I just really wanted a burger. We had been eating delicious tapas the entire time but I just wanted a big hunk of meat so we went to the Porterhouse in Temple Bar near his house (in Dublin, Ireland). We had the Porterhouse burger and the Smokey Burger, yummm and it hit the spot. The Smokey Burger was definitely more delicious, the sauce and cheddar were amazing (the top one). The Porterhouse Burger was also good but had less flavor, but was still huge and delicious. The fries were also quite good. For lunch we got a free drink, so I had tea and David basically had Cherry Limeade, which he didn't like. The drink is their Strawberry Beer !! soooo delicious, fresh and refreshing and barely like beer at all. Those are all of their bottle beers that he bought for his brother because he couldn't come visit on account of school /=