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St. Patty’s Day Bangers and Mash

St. Patty’s Day Bangers and Mash

The first time I had bangers and mash was when my now hubbie studied abroad in Dublin. The first night I was there he took me to Temple Bar and I fell in love (with the food, I was already head over heels for the guy). Now it is our traditional St. Patty’s food and this year we’ve added a new tradition, watching Luck of the Irish (Disney Channel original movie).


I thought last time I made it I saved the recipe somewhere but it turns out I didn’t so I went with this one from William and Sonoma. It came out pretty good although I feel like the Trader Joes sausage doesn’t have the depth of flavor the way bangers I’ve had in Ireland taste. That said the gravy was good but I would probably use 1.5 amount of liquid with 2xs the amount of onions next time ( it came out a little thin). I used Kerrygold salted butter for the mashed potatoes (and added about 2 extra TBSP).

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