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Rose hibiscus shortbread fans

It is my second Tuesdays with Dorie and because I was doing Whole 30 until last Friday I wasn’t able to eat cookies so I chose the second Tuesday to bake. Because I missed valentine’s day I decided to do the shortbread fans instead of the heart shaped cookie. I went to the trusty Reading Terminal market to purchase rose water from a middle eastern restaurant and hibiscus and white rice flour from Head Nut. Things did not go so well with this recipe and although the cookies aren’t beautiful they do taste good. They have a delicate crumb (delicate erring on the side of crumbling in my case), lovely melt in your mouth experience shortbread provides with a hint of tang from the hibiscus. I think the icing is a little too sweet, unrefined, and overpowering so perhaps I will forgo it altogether next time or try a lighter glaze (maybe make hibiscus tea with a bit of sugar). These cookies deserve something a bit more sophisticated.

The issues: The recipe is quick and easy but I guess I didn’t pack my shortbread down enough because every time I stuck my fork in, it kept crumbling apart. I decided to forgo the cute dots and get it in the oven. Because I didn’t make sure the cookie was in the pan evenly the edges were more brown and crunchy so I had to use a plastic scraper around the edge to get the cookie to release. When I cut it into sections with the pizza slicer it started to crumble. I didn’t have any sprinkles so I decided to make the icing pink to be festive which was probably a bad idea since it was too thin and oozed everywhere. Most of the time my food looks good but there are always off days. I  love a good shortbread so it is a safe be I will be revisiting these fan cookies.

Things to fix for next time

  • Make sure I have my Fleur de sel (left it at my parent’s house)
  • Roll out cookie in the pan to make sure it is even and packed down enough
  • Keep the icing white and make sure it is thick enough before spreading (if adding icing)
  • Possibly keep the icing out or experiment with a different type of glaze

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