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A Jeni's Ice Cream Remake

So I’ve been busy, very busy with this summer with wedding photography, planning and being in a few friend’s weddings. Poor fork and crumb hasn’t gotten any love in a while but you bet I’ve been cooking and baking !

My baby sister (not such a baby anymore) just moved to LA for a semester and alas left her job at Jeni’s in Nashville. Before she left she got me a sweet sweatshirt; can’t wait to wear it  in cooler weather ! She also bought Jeni’s cookbooks and implored me to make the brown butter almond brittle or B BAB as they call it in the shops.

I made Jeni’s dark chocolate recipe long before I actually had her ice cream so I was familiar with the cream cheese and cornstarch base. It is a recipe with many moving parts but is definitely worth it. I made the almond brittle the day before and have about two batches worth left over.  It was delicious ice cream and would go really well with anything apple or on its own. The brittle softens up in the ice cream and is also mellowed out to give the perfect amount of crunch and sugar.


  • The liquid wasn’t cooled down enough before I put it into the ice cream maker so it never hardened. This wouldn’t normally make much of a difference but because it was still so liquid most of my almond brittle chunks sunk to the bottom of the container. Next time I won’t be baking SO late and I’ll cool it down properly.
  • It tasted delicious but wasn’t quite as brown butter heavy as it should have been. I’m not quite sure why but I may try using Irish butter next time.
  • As everyone knows the quality of the ingredients matters so I may also go to Reading Terminal to get local heavy cream next time !

I’m not including the recipe because I want to encourage everyone to buy her book ! It’s only $16.28

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